Published: January 12, 2015Topics: Trends to Watch

3 Predictions For Real Estate Marketing In 2015

Every New Year feels like a whole new world, but that may be more true of 2015 than most. Recent innovations have opened up the field to new technologies and opportunities, so if you’re a real estate professional looking to ramp up your business, pay attention to these predictions.


1. More Innovations that Lead to Social Connection

The real estate market was always about people, and the Internet hasn’t changed that. What has changed in the digital era is how you reach those people who are so important to your business. While old-school approaches like lunch dates, referrals and phone calls are still crucial, of course, technology opens up a whole new world of ways to connect.

For instance, many apps allow you to analyze your area’s market data, showcase inventory, start conversations and generate leads, all by plugging your preexisting marketing plan into social media platforms. Other services help to automate your web presence by plugging your info into real estate portals, social media platforms and search engines so your potential clients can find you easily. And sites like LinkedIn make it easier to connect with referral partners than ever before.

2. Mobile Web Presence Will No Longer Be Optional

2015 is the Year of the Mobile, we predict. 2014 was all about the user experience, making sure that tablets and phones functioned efficiently as digital marketplaces in their own right, rather than just weak additions to the desktop or laptop. This year we will see more and more companies taking advantage of that fact, using readily accessible mobile devices to target new customers.

Of course, that necessitates a solid mobile presence. If you want to be at the top of the real estate game, you’ll need a fully adaptive design that responds beautifully to screens of any size. Those that do, not only give their clients and potential customers a leg up when conducting business, they’re able to target prospects who don’t have desktops or laptops at all.

3. Videos Will Drive a Lot of Sales

Videos are uniquely situated to improve your real estate presence online. In addition to the automatic engagement factor (since more people are willing to watch a video all the way through than read to the end of a document, these days), videos also educate and build trust, establishing you as someone who knows how to help.

That being the case, don’t skimp on video. Use it on any platform you can, including your own website as well as social media platforms. Video will be particularly hot on Facebook in the coming year, with the social media giant showing preference for native uploads rather than outside links. So whenever possible, create original content.

To view a simple and effective way to implementing videos into your real estate business, read our article: Host Online Virtual Showings With Video Chat Tools.

The real estate game is changing, but there’s no reason you can’t keep up with it. With an open mind, wisely chosen technology and respect for these 2015 predictions, you can outclass your competition and catch the attention of your ideal prospects. How do you plan on marketing your real estate business in 2015?