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Agent Reviews: Top 6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Bad Review

Part 3 of 3 part series: Agent Reviews

A bad review isn’t ideal for any real estate business. From our previous article, we mentioned that about 87 percent of top-producing agents consider agent reviews a vital part of their online strategy. A bad review will dent your image and make your real estate business less credible. In fact, clients may stop using your services due to these bad reviews. 

What’s more, reviews are so important that prospective home buyers weigh them before choosing a real estate agent to work with. Negative reviews should be avoided at all costs if you want to have a successful real estate business. Below are six ways to avoid negative reviews if you want to grow your real estate business.  

Be Social

The most successful real estate businesses and brands have great customer relationships with clients and target audience. If you want to avoid racking up some negative reviews, it is vital that you engage with your customers in a social and professional manner. Use social media to enhance the customer experience, when closing a home deal. This will encourage them to leave a positive review.

Offer Great Service to Clients

Another way to avoid bad reviews for your real estate business is by offering great services that prioritizes customer satisfaction. If your customers are not satisfied with the service you offer to them, there is no way they are going to leave a positive review on your real estate website. Likewise, they will discourage their friends, family, and other potential clients from using your services.

Resolve Customer Complaints and Issues Quickly 

Giving your customers an opportunity to get to you for solutions when they have an issue is fantastic. At times, there may be issues when closing a home deal. This can include liens and debts, move-in day miscommunication, missing Closing Disclosure form, documentation problems, and so forth. 

When your customer has a complaint to make, you should be eager to offer them an attentive and listening ear. Any of the above issues can occur. However, how you handle or resolve the problem matters a lot. Ensure that all issues are resolved before handing over the keys. 

Avoid Final Walkthrough Surprises

Around a week to closing the home deal, the homebuyer or client will request for a final walkthrough. This is to ensure that the house is in perfect condition. Ensure that all repair works or renovations are complete. You don’t want the client to be disappointed during this final walkthrough. You may end up losing the deal and still get a negative review.

Ask for Feedback Politely

After every successful real estate deal, you can ask your customers to leave feedback politely. They know you are willing to go the extra mile to make the real estate deal as seamless as possible. Hence, they will be willing to leave a positive review on your website. Although, do not enforce any client to leave feedback. 

Put Your Customers First

Finally, always prioritize your clients. Customers hate to be made to feel like a cash cow. In every real estate deal, ensure that you place the customer’s satisfaction first before any other thing. A happy customer will definitely mean well for your real estate business.

There you have it! Above are some ways to avoid getting a bad review for your real estate business. Negative reviews are bad for any real estate business. These bad reviews can discourage clients from contacting you anytime they need to rent, buy, or even sell their home. However, by adhering to these tips, you will earn positive reviews that will encourage both potential and current clients to contact you first anytime they need to rent, buy, or sell a property.