Published: May 30, 2020Topics: Did you know..., How To..., Marketing Tips and Advice, Trends to Watch

[COVID 19] Real Estate Business Tips in the Pandemic Era

The COVID19 pandemic has locked down the entire world within their own homes. Work-from-home is all the rage. Classes are being taught online. The world as we know it has come to a standstill!

Few industries have suffered the adverse impact of this pandemic more than the real estate business. Property buyers are afraid to come out. Property sellers are scared to entertain potential buyers. 

How do you make real estate deals happen in a time like this?

Finding the answer to this question requires a deeper understanding of the property buyers and sellers during this time. Sure, they want to keep social interaction to the minimum or zero, if possible. But that doesn’t mean they are not ready to make the deals.

Here are some tips to make real estate deals happen in the times of pandemic. 

  1. High-quality Listings
    Potential buyers do not wish to pursue every promising property today. They just cannot take the risk. So, whenever they are checking the property listings, they are actively looking for reasons to reject as many of them as possible. Bad lighting, grainy pictures, missing details, and other such factors help them reject listings.

    So, spruce up your property listings with high-definition videos, high-resolution images, and plenty of them. 
  2. Give Them Virtual Tours
    Virtual tours are already a thing. In fact, property buyers actively search for property listings and websites with drone videos and virtual tours. If they cannot or do not want to get to the property, take the property to them. That way, whatever small questions and queries they have about the property are answered within the drone videos and virtual tours.
  3. Video Meetings
    Who said you can’t have client meetings anymore? The world is using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other online video chatting tools to hold office meetings, client meetings, and even conferences. You can leverage them to forge a deeper connection with the potential buyers and sellers. The best part? You save time on the travel and avoid all the hassles that come with it. As an advantage, more time translates to more productivity.
  4. Online Showings
    Online Showings is a powerful way to make a strong impact on a group of potential buyers or renters. Online Showings allow all attendees to voice their questions and concerns about the properties, your services, and the process. A group activity like this often goes a long way in convincing the attendees.

Final Words
A new set of challenges demand equally fresh ideas to overcome them. Thankfully, Zealder’s website solution already support all the tools required to overcome the lockdown woes. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be!

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