Published: June 09, 2017Topics: Did you know..., How To..., Marketing Tips and Advice

Creative Ways To Monetize Your Real Estate Website

Today’s market is highly competitive, and one needs a real estate website to be able to compete fairly in it. When the idea was new, posting property listings was a breakthrough but this is not enough anymore. Because of the fickle nature of real estate, you could haul in big sums one month and make nothing or even some losses in other months. It is necessary to have different sources of income and one of these methods is your website. There are different methods and opportunities to make money through your website, and you can make use of the following creative ways for that.

Contemplate consulting services

If you have been in the industry for a long time and have a good experience, you can consider selling your time to educate relatively new people. You can add the availability of this service to your website by including a tab or a section that advertises it.

If you are going to try consulting, you have to do it in consideration of your own business. For example, avoid local consultations so that you do not give juice to the competition. Other people in other markets are better targeted for this.

Sell ad space

A good place to sell advertisements is a real estate website. You can pitch your website as an advertising platform to different businesses. Most of which might work are home services, furniture, and other things related to buying or selling a home.

You can decide to receive payment according to a flat rate per month or receive increasing rates as the number of visitors to your website increases. For the first option, you are assured of payment no matter what happens. For the second option, you have the satisfaction of increased compensation according to your growth.

Use email lists

You can use very ethical means to build email lists by adding a form on your website. Taking the time and energy to build this will offer flexibility in the future and provide for different options. This list can be used to develop real estate leads.

If you have a considerable size of traffic then building a mailing list will be easier but it is hard work. People need a reason to give away their information.

Try premium content

With some ingenuity, generate premium content for your website alongside free content and make it regular. It can develop membership and pay well. People will pay for access to special posts and webinars.

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