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Developers Learning To Invest In Local Cities While Developing Opportunities There

It’s Not Where You’re From – It’s Where You’re At

In today’s real estate marketplace, it is extremely important to understand the places that potential clients come from. What do they want to see in the communities in which they choose to live?  It may be greater access to green grocers, schools, the arts, or greener and cleaner parks. The list can go on and on.

Improving the community is of particular importance for clients who may want to move to an urban area or stay in their present urban area. Realtors need to be aware that some markets lack access to better amenities due to location.

Zealder understands what the needs of the real estate professional are. That’s how great relationships are created, and that’s how great relationships last. The same principle is salient in the relationship between the realtor and his or her client. The website that the realtor puts forward is critical to how they will build their web presence. Realtors should let the clients know that community investment is an important feature of their business. In turn, it is an important feature of the listings that are shown to clients.

Community Investment

Clients may actually question this aspect of a potential purchase. Realtors should be prepared for questions from their clients regarding the developers’ community investment. This may be part and parcel of their decision to purchase a particular property, condo, or cooperative apartment.

One Story of a Baltimore, MD Developers Community Investment

There were many abandoned homes in Oliver due to poverty, drugs and all of the things that go along with those blights. However, this developer saw the purchase price of his homes increase from $140,000 to $210,000 in the space of a few years. Now residents are saying they feel good about the changes they see.

Many people are making the decision to return to Oliver. There is more communication between the police force and the community residents due to social interactions (including happy hours for adult residents of the area and officers) fostered by the development corporation. The head of the company has hired the person he sold his first home to as a consultant on what deals are in the best interest of Oliver.