Published: August 01, 2016Topics: Marketing Tips and Advice

Five Tips For Online Real Estate Marketing

As more home buyers and sellers take to online listings and social media, a successful online marketing campaign is more important for real estate professionals now than it ever has been.

Zealder specializes in creating comprehensive online campaigns that build your brand and generate new leads every day. Read on for the top five online real estate marketing strategies that can generate more business for you.

Social Media

Working with a professional marketing service like Zealder to build your web presence while simultaneously engaging social media is the key to reaching a wider audience. Metrics on social media platforms such as Facebook give you unique insight into your target audience, from demographic information to their online habits.

By engaging with potential clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, you can improve your brand recognition and focus on advertising to those who are already active in the housing market.

Digital Listings

Digital listings are a great way to turn visitors to your website into clients. Home buyers and apartment hunters are increasingly drawn to online property listings. From video walkthroughs to a gallery of high-quality photos, digital listings help potential buyers envision themselves in the properties you list and increase the likelihood that they will want to visit in person.

Web Design

Your website should be a portal to all of the services you offer. Research shows that consumers decide whether to engage with a brand within seconds of landing on the homepage, so make every second count with a streamlined website that sells.

Zealder will work with you to create a website that showcases your properties, makes key information immediately accessible, and encourages visitors to take that next step to engage with you through compelling calls to action.


Once you have generated new leads through your active social media profiles and streamlined website, you should follow up with leads through email and other outreach strategies. Online seminars are a great way to reach out to potential buyers in your area who have already expressed interest in a new home.

Contact Management

Getting new leads is only part of the equation for a successful online marketing strategy. Zealder‘s Contact Manager service helps you keep track of all of your contacts, new and old. This helps you grow existing relationships while forming new ones, and makes you even more accessible to potential clients.

Each of these online marketing strategies is designed to promote your brand in a more efficient way. Contact Zealder today for professional guidance and services that reduce the amount of effort you have to put into promoting your real estate business while maximizing your conversion rates.