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Five Ways To Personalize Your Online Outreach

The marketing industry has been abuzz with phrases like “personalized engagement” and “data-driven marketing” for quite awhile. Even a novice knows that sending out generic mass mailers or email blasts isn’t the most effective use of marketing time. But savvy real estate agents also know that outsourcing all things Web leaves them in a precarious position — the most used portal for clients needs to be a personal experience.

Learning the technology end of things can seem daunting, but the reality is that online outreach is just an extension of the personalized customer experience — an agent’s website should be another way for the real estate team to reach clients, not a buffer between them. For real estate agents, every contact with clients should be a continuation of the conversation. Giving clients a great home-buying (or selling) experience today should translate into another great experience in the future.

Here are our top five ways to personalize outreach to clients, so they feel like they’re continuing their relationship with you rather than fielding sales materials.

  1. Targeted Email. With today’s analytics information, there’s no reason to send email blasts to everyone on a list. Target email to certain clients who meet that profile. For instance, there’s no reason to send an email with information on searching for a new home to clients who just closed on a house; it will just annoy them.
  2. Helpful Tips. Keep up with clients by sending them newsletters with helpful homeowner’s tips, articles about their new neighborhoods, and spotlights on new businesses in the area.
  3. Twitter for Outreach. The company Web presence should go beyond it’s main website. Twitter is a great example of one popular platform where clients can be found — others include Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
  4. Blogs. Blogging can be a great way to reach out to new clients and keep in contact with past clients; it’s also a good way to update content on the site regularly and raise your search ranking.
  5. Don’t Forget Mobile. Most people use their phones and iPads even more regularly than they log into a computer. All platforms should be mobile-friendly.

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