Published: February 25, 2016Topics: Product Updates

Introducing “Listing View Limit” And More…

Too many visitors using your website to “window-shop“?

Now you can require your website visitors to sign up after viewing a specified number of listings. You have complete control over the number of “teaser” listings visitors can view before they are required to signup or login. This also serves as a helper for visitors who intend to signup but may forget to do so. Since members on your website receive many benefits after signing up, qualified visitors to your website will have many reason to appreciate this requirement.

Some of the benefits your website visitors receive after signing up include:

  • Your assistance in helping them locate the perfect property.
  • Option to save properties, that they are interested in, directly in their account.
  • Option to save and receive alerts for their search results.

How to activate this feature

To activate this feature on your website:

  1. Login to your account and navigate to the “Listings >> Listings Preferences” page.
  2. On the Listings Defaults And Preferences page, enter a number for “teaser” listings in the Lead Capture field.
  3. Click the “Save” button at the bottom to save your listings defaults and preferences.


More Listings Defaults And Preferences options

In addition to this new feature, we’ve also added many new options for Listings Defaults And Preferences. You can now choose default Layout, Map, Sort and more. Also, a new option has been added to display larger thumbnail photos on listings List Pages. We took many feedback and suggestions from our members to roll out these new features that gives you even more control of your web presence.