Published: November 19, 2015Topics: Product Updates

Introducing Our New Website Quality Assurance Feature And Auditing Service

For many years, we’ve seen some of our members completely neglect their websites. While our Managed Service clients have always enjoyed the assurance of having our entire team involved in the maintenance of their websites, we wanted to also provide a way to help our Web Presence Suite members to maintain a better quality website. So it brings us great pleasure to introduce our new Website Quality Assurance feature and Auditing service. This is the kind of service that only large-scale, web-based companies, have used for many years. But we’re now making it possible for real estate professionals with smaller budgets to maintain a higher quality website.

Unlike other auditing service which is done entirely by machine for outrageous fees, our audit service is included at no additional cost and is performed by highly qualified members of our development and marketing team. The results and feedback are far more valuable than any machine audit can produce. You may be wondering, how is it possible that we can offer such a custom, time consuming service, that is perform by real, human professionals, at no additional cost? We utilize a new proprietary interface that allows our team to quickly identify issues and areas of concerns while viewing your website. We also provide you the option to define your own Quality Assurance guidelines. Audit frequency is based on your chosen Web Presence Suite plan.

We’re confident that with this new feature and service, the quality of our members’ websites will significantly improve as a whole. This new feature and service will also serve as an open, ongoing, dialog with our members about their website quality. This new service brings us even closer to our goal of been an extension to your business, not just a provider.