Published: September 16, 2015Topics: Product Updates

The New Zealder Account Control Panel Is Here!

In 2012, we launched the beta version of our new Account Control Panel (ACP), which was rebuilt from the ground up to help you get a lot more done, faster. We gave all of our members the option to either keep using the classic control panel or switch to the new one. We thank all of our members who have been using the new control panel for your great feedback and suggestions.

After a successful beta phase, we are happy to announce the release of our new ACP. The new ACP contains new features and plenty of improvements since the beta version.

With over 100 new features and updates added in the past three years, it’s time to get to know the new Zealder.

Here are the top new features:

  • Adaptive design
  • Built-in multitasking
  • Rebuilt Listing Manager
  • Rebuilt Contact Manager
  • Real-time Design Chooser and preview
  • Global search and Help Center
  • Social Network and Reviews

Adaptive design

Why use both hands to manage your web presence when you can use just one? The new ACP has been rebuilt to offer a rich user experience that feels natural in all popular browsers on desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices. This means that you no longer have to be sitting at your computer desk to manage your Web presence. You can sign in to the ACP from your mobile device while on the road or just about anywhere and still have access to all the features available on your desktop.

Built-in multitasking

Why do one thing at a time when you can do many? The new ACP is all about helping you get a lot more things done faster.

When you navigate a traditional website, each page that you access requires reloading all the page content, including content that doesn’t change on every page, such as the navigation menu, header and logo. But the new ACP is built on a Single Page Interface (SPI). With an SPI, only the information that is required is requested from the server, so navigating the new ACP is faster than ever. Unlike some Web applications that utilize the new features of modern Web browsers but limit which browser you can use, we took the time to ensure that the new ACP is compatible with all modern desktop browsers and mobile browsers. And because each page also opens in separate tabs within the ACP, you can multitask and never have to worry about page load time getting in your way.

Rebuilt Listing Manager

Manage Listings:

  • With the rebuilt Manage Listing list/grid page, you can get a global view of listing activities and perform many quick tasks from a single grid interface. No more wasting half your day gathering and merging reports to get analytical data.
  • From this single grid interface, you will know how many leads, visitors, views and other performance measures each listing has received in any given time period. You can even sort based on any of these listing performance measures.
  • From this single grid interface, you can tell if a listing has been syndicated and when it was added, last modified and more.
  • You can lookup listings by location, visibility, list agent, list type or list status.
  • You can also quickly hide or make a listing visible on your website, reorder all listings, delete listings, and directly access all other actions and listing publishing tools.

Listing Editor:

  • When adding or editing listings, you can fine-tune the exact geographic coordinates with the new integrated Google Map selector. If desired, you can also choose not to publish the listing’s address.
  • New fields were added, including List Subtype, Use Type, and List Date.
  • You can now attach a Full Description for your listings. This description has no limit on the number of characters and supports hyperlinks, rich text formatting and HTML.
  • There is an option to show a listing’s original price, and if this value is higher than the list price, a “reduced” icon will display next to the listing on your website.
  • Listing photos are now much larger and horizontally proportioned.
  • You can upload up to 10 photo files simultaneously with a whopping size increase of up to 8 MB per photo.
  • You can now upload listing photos directly from your mobile device.
  • Now you can reorder photos and assign a name and description to each photo.
  • You can attach videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly to your listings.

Vacation Rental Management:

  • Vacation rental management is now supported in our system. This works great for all types of short-term rentals.
  • The system includes an integrated availability calendar and seasonal rates.
  • Each property includes fields such as Tax Rate, Cleaning Fee, Required Gratuity, Rental Basis and Changeover Day(s).
  • Each season can have a date range, minimum stay, notes, and rates for weekday nights, weekend nights, weekend and extra nights as well as weekly, monthly and entire season rates.

Rebuilt Contact Manager

Manage Contacts:

  • The rebuilt Manage Contacts list/grid page allows you to easily manage your contacts and perform many quick tasks from a single grid interface.
  • You can look up contacts by name, company name, group, assigned agent, mode, rating, source and other contact details.
  • You can easily see which contacts have unsubscribed from your email marketing campaigns and which contacts have reported your message as spam to their email service providers. You can even see which contacts have bad (undeliverable) email addresses.
  • You can select multiple contacts to perform group functions such as delete and hide.

Contact Editor:

  • All contacts now have a mode, which indicates your current relationship with them. The options for this are Active Lead, Lost Lead, Current Client, Past Client and Unknown.
  • New system groups were added to automatically assign contacts to default groups based on the lead capture form that they completed on your website.
  • You can see all requests from a contact on the new Requests page, which shows a list of requests ordered by date of request. Possible request types include list showing, market analysis and dream home finder.
  • You can now save private notes for each contact.

Send secure private messages and documents:

  • This new feature allows you to send secure private messages and documents directly to a contact. This is a perfect way to effortlessly send contracts, invoices, owner statements and other private documents.
  • Data is encrypted for secure transit and secure storage.
  • Messages and documents can only be viewed by contacts when they are logged in to your website.
  • Data is stored redundantly in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility for mission-critical and primary data storage.
  • The message system is designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities with 99.99 percent availability.

Real-time Design Chooser and preview

The new Design Chooser allows you to preview your website as a visitor to your website would see it and make changes to the design on the fly. This makes it simple to see how a design will work with your existing content and brand before deciding which design to choose.

Global search and Help Center

A new global search box is embedded at the top of the new ACP. This box allow you to quickly search all support documents, product descriptions, our blog and other articles on our website. This may soon be one of the first places you go to when you have questions.

The new ACP provides a pleasant and intuitive design. But we also took the time to update all of our support documents to help you navigate your way through it quickly.

Social Network and Reviews

Our new Social Networks and Reviews features make it possible to connect your website with all of the social networks and review sites that you use. Social networks that you connect will display on your Contact Cards and in other areas on your website. This enables you to grow your network while making it easy for your website visitors to follow you and share their experiences.