Published: August 26, 2015Topics: Trends to Watch

What The Growth Of Mobile Real Estate Search Means For Realtors

Over the past few years, people have been using mobile devices for more and more purchasing decisions including searching for real estate. In fact, studies have found that “real estate ad clicks on smartphones grew 10.7 percent between Q4 of 2012 and Q1 of 2013, and tablet ad clicks increased by 20.2 percent.” Here’s what this trend of mobile real estate search means for realtors.

Having a Mobile Friendly Site is Pretty Much a Necessity

While realtors may have been able to get by with sites lacking mobile web browsing in the past, this simply won’t cut it anymore. With an increasing number of potential homeowners using smartphones and tablets for property searches, any realtor without a mobile friendly site is probably losing business. That’s why there has been a spike in the use of responsive web design which builds sites that can be viewed on practically any screen size. Although this does require an investment, it’s usually well worth it in the long run when realtors can increase their traffic numbers and the amount of time spent on their site.

Placing Listings on Top Real Estate Sites is Beneficial 

Sites like Zillow and Trulia have excellent mobile apps and a plethora of features that really spotlight properties. As a result, realtors can often capitalize on the nation’s growing mobile obsession by listing properties on these types of sites. Not only can they ensure that prospective buyers have a positive mobile viewing experience, but it can mean more exposure in general.

PPC Can Be a Smart Marketing Move

Pay per click or PPC advertising has been a popular form of marketing for many years. But now, more and more realtors are getting on board with PPC because the ads typically appear in Google and other search engines, which are compatible with nearly all mobile devices. This means that launching a PPC campaign should be an effective way for realtors to get their listings in front of mobile users. And because individuals who click on these ads often have a strong interest in a property, realtors can usually expect to see a favorable return on investment.

Staying on the cutting edge of real estate marketing is crucial for realtors to stay afloat in an often competitive market. By acknowledging the rise in mobile usage and adapting accordingly, this can go a long way in terms of selling properties quickly and seeing long-term success.