Published: September 10, 2016Topics: Product Updates

Whose Ready To Blog? Built-in Blogging Comes To Zealder

Blogging has become an absolute marketing must-do to drive traffic, improve your SEO and credibility and, ultimately, increase your leads. In fact, we’ve found that Zealder clients who blog bring in more leads than those who don’t. For many years, our members have used third-party blogging platforms for their blog and simply hyperlink their Zealder website to their blog. But this created a scenario that didn’t help much with SEO and made it difficult to manage their blog in a completely different system.

That’s why we’re very happy to announce that blogging for your Zealder website just got super easy thanks to our new built-in blog. It’s streamlined and easy to use while giving you all the tools to create and publish great content and boost your traffic and sales. And because our new built-in blogging platform utilizes WordPress, many of our members will already be familiar with parts of the interface.

Seamless integration

Since your blog is built directly into your website, the layout and style fits perfectly with the rest of your website design and content. And you don’t have to deal with managing multiple domain names and login details for your website and blog, as all management is accessible in our Account Control Panel.

We’re excited about this new feature as it help us take another step further in accomplishing our goal – to provide real estate professionals with an inexpensive, fun and easy to use platform to manage their entire web presence (not just their website).