Published: June 15, 2015Topics: Marketing Tips and Advice

Why Automation Is The Real Secret To Real Estate Success

Real estate professionals will hear these six words over and over again. Many may even quote them at odd times throughout their journeys to success: “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

These words are recited so frequently because they’re the most powerful words of wisdom anyone can give in this industry. Of course, knowing this and even believing it to be true are not the same thing as living it in the daily operation of real estate businesses.

Face it, the follow-up part of that equation can be downright tedious. This is where automation is not only handy but absolutely essential for any successful real estate agent in today’s highly competitive real estate market.

Automated Listing Syndication

Internet users search for homes via many different venues. Most of today’s professionals in the field understand the importance of syndication for exposure of their property listings.

There’s just one problem. It takes a lot of time to list properties by hand. One single listing can take hours of time sitting in front of a computer screen to syndicate across multiple websites. This is valuable time that most agents don’t have.

Automating the process allows real estate professionals the opportunity to take back that time and still enjoy the exposure benefits that syndication provides.

Marketing Automation Benefits

The world of marketing has changed in the last few years. The world of real estate has not been left untouched by these changes. Real estate agents and agencies have been forced to adapt to a new way of getting the word out about properties or risk falling woefully behind the competition.

Social media and email marketing not only take up valuable time, but they also force many real estate professionals to step substantially outside of their personal comfort zones.

Email marketing, with the right set of tools, allows professionals, with a few keystrokes, to address single prospective buyers or entire groups of people with open house announcements, customized listings or simply monthly newsletters that highlight specific homes. Emails that once took hours to compose and email can now be created and sent in a matter of minutes thanks to valuable tools that automate the process.

Then, there’s the social media announcements that must be made. Wouldn’t it be great to make them all at once without having to log in and customize different messages each and every time? Automated tools allow real estate agents to automatically announce new listings across multiple social media platforms.

Simple tools that automate the real estate buying and selling process are transforming the industry, providing real estate professionals a work-to-life balance never before experienced and pushing profit margins higher all around.