Introducing Our New Sophisticated Design Theme With Video Background Header!

This new theme is sleek and sophisticated. It takes advantage of modern technologies to provide an ultra-modern and highly customizable look and feel.

Whose Ready To Blog? Built-in Blogging Comes To Zealder

We’re very happy to announce that blogging for your Agent BizzUp website just got super easy thanks to our new built-in blog.

Five Tips For Online Real Estate Marketing

In this article, we discuss five practical strategies for getting the word out there about a real estate professional’s services.

Building Your Brand Blog By Blog

How to shape your blog, allow customers to get to know the real you, provide solid real estate advice, and talk about current trends.

How The Exodus Of Millennial Parents To The Suburbs Will Shape The Market In 2016

Millennials are seeking to provide the same stable upbringing for their children as their parents did for them. But how will their move to the suburbs affect the real estate market.

Introducing “Listing View Limit” And More…

New feature to require your website visitors to sign up after viewing a specified number of listings.

4 Ways To Write Listings That Sell

A potential home buyer decides in a split second whether to click on a specific real estate listing or keep browsing. These four tips can help agents create ads with impact.

Visuals By Drones – Aerial Tours That Showcase Property

For large and specialized properties a video produced by a drone would be beneficial. For the average home on the block, not so much.

Introducing Our New Website Quality Assurance Feature And Auditing Service

We’re making Quality Assurance and Audit available to real estate professionals with smaller budgets, to help them maintain a higher quality website.

How To Maintain Social Media Relevance

Understanding a few rules about how to not only grow, but maintain social media relevance, will go a long way in making it a success.

Agent Reviews: They’re Here, They’re Not Going Anywhere, And Soon They’ll Be Everywhere

This article discusses how reviews is affecting the industry and what all real estate agents should know about online reviews.

The New Zealder Account Control Panel Is Here!

In 2012, we launched the beta version of our new Account Control Panel (ACP), which was rebuilt from the ground up to help you get a lot more done, faster.